Tracpen - Manufacturer, exporter of wooden ball pen, promotional ball pen, exporters of roller pens, fountain pen from india
Tracpen - Manufacturer, exporter of wooden ball pen, promotional ball pen, exporters of roller pens, fountain pen from india


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Wooden Ball Pens
Wooden Ball Pens, Roller Pen, Promotional Pen, Wood Pen, Writing Instrument, Wooden Pens, India
Pen is not a tool used only for the purpose of writing or drawing. It represents class and power and above all an authoritative elegance.
In the old time in China, people used hair of camels or rats to write while in Egypt bamboo fiber with carved, needle like structure was used.

Pens are available in many shapes, sizes, colour either design-carved or handcrafted i.e. mainly wooden ball pens.

In the recent times demand for both plastic ball pens and wooden ball pen have grown high in comparison to the traditional fountain pens because of the convenience to use these wooden ball pens, free flow and shiny writing that these wooden ball pens offer.
Ball pens are available in metallic, plastic and wood -popularly called wooden ball pens.
Wooden ball pens look more attractive compared to their metallic and plastic counterpart owing to their aesthetics and durability. Wooden ball pens are commonly made from sift woods like Ebony, Maple etc and are also made from sandal wood. These wooden ball pens are primarily available in carved structures and handcrafted designs giving them an ethnic and traditional feel. They are also adorned with a wide variety of accessories like beads, mirrors, horn and bone to add a touch of creativity to the designs of the wooden ball pens.

Apart from useful tool for writing, wooden ball pens also make intellectual personal gifts. They are popularly gifted to students and also make great promotional gifts.
Wooden ball pens too make great promotional gifts like other ball pens. Wooden ball pens can be either engraved or printed with a corporate logo to effectively propagate your corporate and brand messages.

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