Tracpen - Manufacturer, exporter of wooden ball pen, promotional ball pen, exporters of roller pens, fountain pen from india
Tracpen - Manufacturer, exporter of wooden ball pen, promotional ball pen, exporters of roller pens, fountain pen from india


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Promotional Ball Pens
 Promotional Ball Pen, Roller Pen, Wood Pen, Writing Instrument, Wooden Pens, India
In the history dates back to the times of quills. In ancient China, people used hair of camels or rats to write while in Egypt bamboo fiber with carved, needle like structure was used. Earlier pens were primarily used to record the day-to-day instances, which gradually took form of recording history and then to communicate with distant native. Pens are also used as drawing instruments

However, the promotional balls pens can be termed as a very latest avatar.
This modern era can be termed as an advertising era. Every organization or company involves in advertising and promotion to get hold of a better share of the market than their competitors. The companies resort to gifting of a wide variety of products. They can range from anything beginning from a small keychain to the holiday trips and vehicles. But the most commonly trusted gift among corporate are promotional ball pens.
Promotional ball pens are available in all shapes, sizes, colours and quality like Wooden, Plastic and Metallic etc. Now these days promotional ball pens are especially customized according to the brand and organization.
Promotional ball pens are designed with many colours, designs and properties like Unusual 3D hologram ball pen, LED flash ball pen, plastic promotional ball pen. Promotional ball pens are recognized as one of the best low cost ways to get promotional message across.
Promotional unusual 3D hologram ball pens are not only great practical items, they also offer excellent value for money and each pen can be printed with color company logo. In brief promotional ball pens are useful for writing and promoting a brand name.

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